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Hills & Valleys Hike and Tours is a small locally owned business on the Island of Nevis. Founded by owner, Wilroy Webbe, we offer sightseeing tours for visitors and locals alike. 

Our current main attraction is a walking tour/hike to The Saddle Hill Battery, which was a lookout point of the British Admiral, Lord Horatio Nelson.


Other tour packages include, a hike to our island's natural water falls, Russell's Rest and to Nevis Peak, the heart of our island. Moreover, we offer a walking tour through the city. 

We have partnered with the renowned Wilma's Diner, home of the prestige Chef Wilma who once cooked for the Royal Family. Wilma's Diner provides lunch in our packaged deal for you our customers. 

 We guarantee not just a tour, we offer a different kind of adventure that you will never forget.